12 Days of Inappropriate Christmas Gifts

Its that time of year again when I send Christmas Cards off to get printed for my clients. It has been an interesting year, to say the least. I really fell like we all need a laugh this year so I’ve put together something a little special for you.

This December I will be rolling out the 12 Days of Inappropriate Christmas Gifts.

Starting December 1st. I will be sharing local and international businesses that stock the best inappropriate Christmas Gifts.

Amongst it will be my own Christmas Cards. Head to my Facebook or Instagram page for your chance to win a pack of your own.


The Inappropriate Gift Co

Couldn’t go past these guys! They have some cracker gifts to suit all you weirdos. They are so good at what they do they have levels of rudeness. From cheeky to WTF.



Ken Oath

Some awesome Aussie apparel with a surfer vibe. Definitely some classy gear here for the true Aussie.


CU in the NT

CU in the NT

I’ve brought their trucker cap and the mugs for my parents. It’s dad’s favourite mug. Love seeing their gear get around town.


The Profanity Professionals

Right up my ally with the colourful language I use. Surprise your boss with a new pen…


Uncle Reco

Uncle Reco

We all have at least 1 inappropriate uncle (I don’t mean that in a sleazy way). These guys have some awesome Aussie apparel.


Cun+ts are us

Who could go past the name! Another Australian business stocking the finest Aussie sayings. 


Farkew Emporium

This lady turns out some of the best gifts. Classy AF.


Grumpy Fuckers Coffee


Heading OS to England for this little gem of a shop. Selling coffee for people that don’t do mornings.


Charm Offensive

These ladies have some classic one-liners on their tees. Might order a few ‘Not today’


Flaming Profanities

Funny AF candles make a damn excellent gift or a timeless piece for your own decor. I’m sure we can all relate to this one!


Love layla Australia

Hilarious, cheeky and rude Greetings Cards that will definitely provide laughs all round!


Fairdinkum gifts

Doesn’t get more Aussie than that! They have a bit of everything as well. Australian themed gifts and souvenirs. They can personalise any of our products with your name, logo or personal message.



What did you think? Did I nail it or is there room for improvement? Do you have a killer Inappropriate Gift company you would like to make the 2021 list? Comment below to be considered.

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