Big day out of the home office

This wouldn’t even be news a month ago. Its amazing how quickly time has changed. I really wrestled with the idea of even writing this blog because I know I’ll have some people saying you can’t leave the house and you have violated the rules somehow. You see in Australia we have the extremist during the Covid-19 period. There are the ‘you can’t leave the house for 6 months’ shut in’s. That suddenly have nothing better to do than troll others they think are doing wrong. Then we have the other end of the scale where they are living life like they always did. No change at all except some minor inconveniences. I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t make any uneccisary trips. The kids are at home and we mainly keep to ourselves. As a web designer, I’m all set to work anywhere I have power and Wifi. But today I had my signwriting hat on.

Most of you know I started out my working career as a signwriter. I wanted to be a signwriter so bad when I left high school. BUT it seems in Central QLD, girls weren’t cut out for it. Not my words. They were the words of a crusty dinosaur in the shitty town of Gladstone. I later moved to Townsville and started my trade with Philip Johns from Signs of Excellence. The rest they say is history. Fast forward 20 years and my career have done a full pivot into web design. It wasn’t a snap decision. I actually did web design after finishing my trade as a signwriter. I kinda knew that’s the way the world was going and I didn’t want to be left behind.

Brigidine Signage

Today I left my home office to install signage to some vehicles at Brigidine College. It was good to get out of the house and see my brother who just so happens to work there. I had originally sign written the bus and ute. They had since been in an accident and signage needed to be replaced. I already had all the prints on file so no need to measure up. Simply press print, laminate, cut and install. Both vehicles are now repaired and good to go. I walked around to see the previous signage restorations to see how they are weathering and they seriously look as good as the day they were installed.
I do a fair bit of signwriting for Brigidine College. From building signage to vehicle signs and my all-time favourite, signage restoration. The best thing about some of the older schools in Brissie is they have well-made metal, aluminium or brass signs that can be restored. They look a million bucks when they are stripped down and had a fresh coat of paint. You can see all the work I have done for them here.
Tracey OBrien Misfit Branding

About me

I’m a little bit sweary…well a lot actually. I know it’s not ladylike and frankly, I don’t give a shit. I never beat around the bush (Aussie for cutting the crap). I’m a strong believer in telling it how it is. I promise to supply killer digital design that will take your brand to new heights. I will be upfront, realistic, and focused. I do have OCD so you know I pay attention to details. I will always offer the best advice and course of action to suit your project’s needs.

I’m a passionate, dedicated designer and I promise to Eat, sleep, design, repeat until your project is finished.

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