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Shit Happens

Shit happens So I had this optimistic, go get 'em attitude for 2019. I'm pretty sure I do that every new year. This year started off ok but when I'm due back at work the shit hits the fan. Dynamic of the house has changed. Hubby is local more. Kaitlyn is starting

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Mini Break to Boyne Island

Mini break to Boyne Island It was the middle of the school holidays. I have one child in school and the other two in daycare. We live on a small farm so it makes it hard to take holidays. We really need someone that knows how to look after farm critters to

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Want to work with me?

I’ve been around long enough to know not everyone gets along. If you want honest, no fluff, outgoing and killer branding, then send me an email. If you prefer the fluff, maybe make a cup of tea and have a lie-down…

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