Easter Camping

Honestly, Easter was pretty much the same for us despite the Covid-19 restrictions. We always lock the gate on Good Friday and hang around home. We normally have a bon fire and cook with the camp oven or Jaffle iron. This is our for Easter in the new house and we decided to camp out in the back paddock next to the dam. Despite my many years of camping experience, I’ve never taken the boys camping. I honestly couldn’t think of anything worse! Keeping them in a tent for one would be disastrous. But they are older now and it was time.


Camping food

There is nothing better than camp food. I’m not sure if its because you are Hungary AF and would eat anything at the time or if it’s the smell of cooking on an open fire. It’s primal! The boys went in for the crispy marshmallows on the fire. Kaitlyn invented a new food on a stick. It impressed both hubby and I. Kabana and cheese on a stick, roasted on the open fire. It took a few goes to get it right. But it was so dam tasty!

Dinner was even better. Roast beef cooked in red wine and garlic. Well kinda. I didn’t have red wine and used Rose instead. I seared the beef in the camp oven then poured the wine and garlic. Set it over the coals and waited. When it was done I threw in some gravy powder. The smell was divine! All veggies were cooked in there too. Unfortunately, the meat was a little tough but still tasted divine.


Easter Bunny

The boys were stressed the Easter bunny wouldn’t find them. Thankfully he did. He must have come to the house first then the campsite because Easter eggs and bunnies were everywhere! The boys were up at 1 am, then 3 am and again at 6 am. Thankfully the Easter bunny arrived around midnight. Hubby and I had no sleep. I think at around 3am I ended up at the house because the boys were sleeping on our double-sized blow-up mattress with us. There was no room. Hubby managed to get a few more hours with them. We were shattered and all ended up at the house where we had bacon and eggs on the BBQ. The dogs barked all night and the thunder of horse hooves were all around us. We were so sleep deprived!

On the upside. The tents are on our property so we just left them up and intend on going camping again the following weekend. We also had leftover roast beef and gravy rolls for dinner. The boys were the only one out of all us that had any energy left.

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