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Everyone loves some free shit right?! Here are some free graphics and guides just for you! Click on the button, fill out the details and you will receive the graphics you need.
So what’s in it for me? I get your email address. [Insert evil laugh] to add to my database. I email out newsletters. I’d like to say monthly but it really depends on how busy I am. I have been known to send every 3 months. My point is I’m not going to spam you. I don’t share your email address and you have the option to be removed from my database when you get your first email newsletter from me.

Free branded social media graphic

I’m a visual communicator and I’m damn good at it too! Yep so unAustralian to blow your own horn, but fuck it! Design is my life! I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now. So to help your business I am giving away custom-designed, social media graphic. It’s a graphic that will help get your message out to your customers, using your authentic self and not some generic shit you pinched from Google images. Yeah I know I’m sweary and blunt AF, but I don’t have time for the fluff!

Wanna know what you get? A fully custom, branded graphic to use on your chosen social media platform in 2 sizes. So you can use it in more than one place. I’m talkin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (yes people still use twitter) LinkedIn, TikTok or whatever else you use. You can use it for Insta or Facebook stories as well. This social media graphic can be used to:
+ Tell your clients you’re still trading as normal or with changes
+ You’re closing for a short time or permanently
+ A special or deal you have
+ A service you offer
+ A way you can help others
+ Tips on how to survive in self-isolation
+ Make a funny meme….Which is my personal favourite!

I will need details from you like email address and social media accounts. I will follow your social media with my business account and add your email address to my subscriber list. You will receive juicy social media tips whenever I send out my emails. Which is probably once a month if that. You can always unsubscribe.


Happy Easter

Download your free Happy Easter social Media graphics. Designed to use on your social media page for personal or business use.

Give them to me!

ANZAC Day Graphics

Download your free ANZAC Day social Media graphics. Designed to use on your social media page for personal or business use.

Give them to me!

More free shit coming soon….