Messenger is now available for Instagram

Hey, fellow misfits, just a quick one to let you know that Messenger is now available for Instagram. Any of you that have Facebook will be familiar with the app Messenger. It allows you to chat with your friends, family, clients, and potential clients. You can also share videos, files and more. It also allows you to preprogram responses. Great if you’re a business, so you can set up business hours or contact details, link to your website or a product you sell. It’s a lot more advanced than what it used to be, and Facebook owns Instagram, so it only makes sense that they’ve rolled Messenger into Instagram.

I’ve found it super handy for restaurant businesses. I manage a few social media platforms for pubs, cafes and restaurants. Patrons expect many restaurants to be on their socials all the time. That is simply not the case. They are busy prepping meals and a million other things. Unless they are super small or really big and have a dedicated social media manager.

Instagram at the moment, has direct messages or DMs. You can chat with people that way, but Messenger just has so many more features. People are wanting to communicate more in private spaces rather than out in the open. The same thing happens in the business world.

A lot of my clients are unsure about the web and digital space (Before I start working with them). Some are not all that confident with websites or social media and they’re not 100 percent understanding everything that’s is involved with getting their business online. Some feel like they don’t want to ask a question out in the comments because they feel insecure or silly.

But they feel more confident if they can message me privately and say “Hey, I saw your blog on what the fuck is a web domain or a domain name, can you tell me more about it?” and then we can start a conversation around that. So, you can do the same thing for your clients, and now it’s extended through to Instagram, which is fantastic.

So if you don’t use Messenger already, get on it!

If you’ve got a Facebook business page, I’m sure you’re using Messenger, but all the different things that you can do now communicated across both Instagram and Facebook, Messenger moves seamlessly between both. 

Other features Messanger offers:

  • Enjoy watching videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, Reels (coming soon!), TV shows, movies, and more with friends and family during a video call.
  • Choose a mode where seen messages disappear after they’re seen or when you close the chat.
  • Create a series of boomerang stickers with your selfie to use in conversation.
  • Personalize your chats with fun color gradients.
  • Create a shortcut of your favorite emojis to react quickly to messages from friends.
  • Easily share great content with up to five friends or groups.
  • Respond directly to a specific message in your chat and keep the conversation flowing.
  • Add visual flair to your message with animated send effects.
  • Decide who can message you directly, and who can’t message you at all.
  • Now you can report full conversations in addition to single messages on Instagram, and receive proactive blocking suggestions across Instagram and Messenger when you add your accounts in the new Accounts Center.

Privacy and Safety

You can choose to manage your privacy, including whether message requests go to your Chats list, your Message Requests folder, or whether you receive them at all. They offer tools for people to report suspicious activity and take action to block someone across apps to stop unwanted messages and calls when something doesn’t feel right.

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