Mini break to Boyne Island

It was the middle of the school holidays. I have one child in school and the other two in daycare. We live on a small farm so it makes it hard to take holidays. We really need someone that knows how to look after farm critters to house sit. Or it means we holiday separately. Which sucks but at least we know all the critters are safe. It might sound pedantic but last time we all went on holidays there was duckaggedon. We lost 20 ducks to a fox. Ralphy our trusty guardian dog was locked out and couldn’t get to them. So…I packed up all 3 kids and road tripped to Boyne Island to our family home where my parents live. Sounds relaxing right?

What the fu*k was I thinking?

OK so it seemed like a good idea at the time…3 kids on my own. No biggie I do it all the time. My eldest is 15, she’s amazing. My other 2 are 3 and 4 and are boys…Nuff said. They were full on to say the least. Despite that we had a ball! Hunting crabs and fish, boat rides with uncle John. Motorbike rides with poppy.

I’m not going to lie, boys are busy. We were up at 5am and on the bike track to wear them out. I was hitting 20 000 steps daily with this lot. Probably the most exercise I’ve done in a while. My indoor designers skin started to get that brown glow back. And who can forget that distinctive smell of coral spawn…

I grew up at Boyne Island. Boating, camping and fishing were a way of life. We were lucky to grow up in that great big Queenslander. Possums living in the cupboards and butcher birds sitting on the kitchen table waiting for a feed. It is always amazing to experience it with my own kids. Especially ghost crab hunting at night on the beach!

After we traumatised most of the marine life and locals it was time to head home. Kids were happy to come home and missed all their critters. I was happy to be back too. Still wondering if it was a mini break or just chaos in another postcode….

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