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Brigidine College


Brigidine College is an Independent Catholic Girls’ Secondary College situated less than 8 kms from the centre of Brisbane city in Queensland, Australia.


Did you know I’m a trade qualified signwriter? Yep! Started my trade many moons ago. I’ve still got my hand in the industry because I love aspects of it. In particular restoration. I love when a company understands the importance behind refurbishing an existing sign. It’s not always a cost-effective decision but it does keep the history and legacy going.

It’s a privilege for me to take something old and make it new again. All of my projects for Bigidine College have been signwriting. Some new and many restorations. Enjoy the transformations.

Sign restoration

The wall sign was still in good condition, just faded. It happens, it depends on what primer and paint has been used. If there was a clear coat or not. Where the sign is located and the list goes on. The point is the aluminium underneath was still perfect. Rather than go through the expense of replacing the entire sign, Brigidine opted to have it restored. The onsite maintenance crew removed the signage and I collected it to start the restoration journey.

The process

The first job was to get that paint off! It was pretty easy with the orbital sander. It seems the paint was just enamel and a single pack primer. A few aluminium rods needed replacing.

Quick scrub and acid bath and it’s off to be painted. For ultimate longevity, I opted for 2pac primer, top coat and clear coat. That will give the sign ultimate lifespan. It also adds a high gloss finish. Super shiny!

Crest restoration

This job was a little trickier. Three crests mounted on the external brick wall. They couldn’t be removed. The digital print on the front was faded and peeling. I didn’t have original files, and a straight reprint was not going to be a solution. This job made me realise how much knowledge I have in the sign industry.

Because I didn’t have the original files, I traced each part of the signs and took measurements. I reconstructed the digital files with help from Dexter of course.

The solution for this job was a reverse print on clear acrylic. This means the print is on the underside of the acrylic. It can’t be picked off. It is a high gloss clear acrylic. The finished product looks amazing!

Mirror signage

Yet another interesting project! A sign that needed to withstand heat and chlorine. It had to be a print. Previously they had tried vinyl cut lettering and crest. It kept getting water between the vinyl and the mirror. This would cause it to lift and peel. I opted for a reverse, laminated clear print. Using 3M vinyl. There is no substitute. I’ve used it for years in the harshest environments.


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What my clients say

Brigidine College by Misfit Branding

Tracey is my go to for EVERYTHING sign related, over the past few years Tracey as successfully completed sign restorations, also new signs for odd items such as lecterns, door numbers, water features, ect. Over the past 11 years I have found it difficult to lock down a reliable sign company that would be willing to take on big and small jobs with still providing me with that satisfied customer filling along with quick turnaround on all jobs big or small. Tracey has accommodated all my projects with the willingness to listen to my requirements along with giving me option/solutions to obtain the best product to have all work stand the test of time. All work produced by Tracey has been of high standard, if you’re looking for anything sign related give Tracey a go, you won’t be disappointed