Project Description

Highflya Tours


With over 30 years of experience, Highflya will take you to places others don’t even think about. They specialise in unusual destinations and events that take you out of the mainstream for experiences with an edge.

Logo Design

Highflya Tours brand has evolved since it’s conception. It was my job to take what they had and retarget their branding. Highflya offers high-end unforgettable tours and I created a brand that reflects that. Starting with the logo of course.

I always feel very privileged to take something old and make it new again. There was nothing wrong with their old branding or logo, it just wasn’t targeting the right audience. Rather than make small alterations, I wiped the slate almost clean. I say almost because there were elements of the logo we both liked. The wings for example. I need to make them look more modern and elegant. To ensure the overall logo worked I changed as well. Serifed fonts are associated with class.

highflya tours logo

Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the oldOut with the old
Highflya branding book designed by Misfit Branding


I do love a good rebrand! Did you know just as much work goes into a rebrand as setting up a new brand? It’s pretty much the same thing. Rebranding is not something you wake up one day and think…yeah you know what? I’m going to rebrand for the hell of it. You have to be committed. You need to understand the cost involved. Design is one cost, then there is the replacement of all stationery, logos on any associated websites, your socials, it goes on.

You WHY needs to be solid when rebranding. Highflya Tours rebranded to target a specific demographic and income bracket. They knew their old brand wouldn’t get them where they needed to be.

Highflya branding book designed by Misfit Branding

Web Design

The website already existed. It is however not a WordPress site which I specialise in. It is a Weebly site. I was, however, able to pick it up very quickly and alter everything they needed altered. In the future, we will look at bringing over to WordPress for a complete redesign.

This is a great example of refreshing your website. The framework is the same. The layout is the same. There is a new logo, new sweeping imagery and adjusting of content accordingly. It looks so different to the previous site and again targets the higher end of the tourism industry.

Highflya Mac


Highflya Tours required stationery in the form of printable and digital letterheads. They use them to print out invoices, statements and for all official correspondence. All printable files are saved as printable PDF with crop marks and bleed for professional printers.

For home printing, a different version without bleed and crop marks are supplied. Digital files are supplied as Word documents as requested.

Highflya stationery

Social media

Highflya Tours already had established social media. For me, it was just a matter of uploading the new logo and branded content. I created some posts to let followers know they were rebranding. Creating Highflya’s branded posts was a pleasure! I loved looking at all the amazing images. Especially of Vietnam which was one of the countries I visited a few years back. I always get a little buzz when I see an image of somewhere I had been.

Highflya Tours from Misfit Branding on Vimeo.

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What my clients say

designed by Misfit Branding

Loved working with Tracey for the design and installation for our vehicle signage. We had an idea and a budget, and she made it happen!
It was such a quick process from start to finish and the product was delivered exactly as ordered. We strongly recommend her work and will definitely use her in the future.

Tracey Morrell, Time to Move Removals

Tracey is fantastic to work with. I have tried a few people in my hometown of Darwin to no joy. I have found Tracey to be very professional and no bullshit straight up front. With Tracey’s ideas my business has started to show improvements. And at the end of the day that is what counts. I could not recommend Tracey any higher.

Craig Curby, Curby's NT

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tracey to create a book cover. The production process was painless; Tracey was communicative, creative, and the end result was beautiful. A real talent.

Jacquie Underdown, Author
tonic for the soul by Misfit Branding

Absolutely five star quality and service. I couldn’t think of another designer I’d like to work with!

Sharna Luscombe, Tonic for the Soul

I couldn’t ask for a more professional, easy to deal with designer! On time, on budget and always prepared to work with my requirements! Super lucky to have Trace helping me!

Alanna Walding, Women in Safety
Electro Fire Technologies by Misfit Branding

Very happy with the work Tracey has done for us, exactly what we wanted and very fast results.

Jenean Mitchell, Electro Fire Technologies