Project Description

Tonic for the Soul


Providing a safe, supportive space for you to train your mind to focus on the right here, right now and to let go of some of those thoughts of the past (which you can’t change) and the future (which hasn’t happened yet).

Be inspired and empowered by your uniqueness and what you bring to this world.

Boss lady

Sharana is the mastermind behind Tonic for the Soul. I’ve been working with her brand for a few years now. I’ve loved every project she’s thrown my way and I know whenever I see an email from Sharna something interesting is about to happen! This lady truly has an amazing gift with her guided meditations and I don’t want to sound weird but I listen to them at night if I’m having trouble sleeping…that’s not creepy at all! Yes, I know the meditation is for kids…I’m just big for my age!

Sharna had her logo and website design done prior to engaging my services. I know I was devastated! But she had great foundations to build on.

Tonic for the soul
Sharna Tonic for the Soul

Web Alterations

As Tonic for the Soul evolved there have been a few alterations to the existing website. Adding a testimonials page with videos from parents and kids that have used Sharna’s mediations. The testimonials were fantastic and way too good not to share!

The website is a WordPress site which I specialise in. It was no trouble making web tiles and adding pages. Linking to social media and uploading products in the shop. The work I have completed for Sharna is a great example of what I can do for your existing site.

Testimonial page for Tonic for the Soul

Online shop

The shop was already set up. I just needed to adjust some images. As well as upload new products. Imagery for online shops is so important. It can be the difference between a sale and no sales at all.

Tonic For the soul expo design by Misfit Branding
Tonic For the soul design by Misfit Branding

Expo signage

Where to start!? There are pull up banners and media backdrops, poster printing, table signage and more! Not all signage was done at once. It is a collection from the past few years. Sharana was invited to attend the Emmys in 2015! Super freaking exciting! So I was lucky to design and supply banners suited to Sharna’s specifications with what she could take with her on the plane.

Instead of a pull-up banner, we went for a lightweight freestanding media backdrop. Matte finish to ensure there was no shine when images were taken. The Instagram frame had to be small enough to take on the plane, big enough to fit at least 2 faces in there and lightweight. I crafted a frame from compressed foam with a full-colour digital print. The frame was lightweight and semi-flexible but rigid enough to hold and use for Instagram photos.

Tonic For the soul design by Misfit Branding

CD design

Before you get all excited and think I created the illustrations used, think again! They were designed specifically for Tonic for the Soul by the very talented Lisa Falzon.

It was my job to make sure the artwork was printed correctly and add all the information needed. Encasing the CD is the cardboard wallet. All the important info on the back and a little card slipped inside.

There are 5 x designs in total which included a box set.

Tonic For the soul CD design by Misfit Branding

Print management

Again the artwork is by very talented Lisa Falzon. Sharna needed her logo added and printed in two different sizes.

It was my job to make sure the artwork was printed correctly and add all the information needed.

There are 4 x designs in total.

Social Media

Using social media to strengthen Tonic for the Soul’s brand. Keeping followers informed of offers, showcase shop items and introduce meditation to children and teens.

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What my clients say

designed by Misfit Branding

Loved working with Tracey for the design and installation for our vehicle signage. We had an idea and a budget, and she made it happen!
It was such a quick process from start to finish and the product was delivered exactly as ordered. We strongly recommend her work and will definitely use her in the future.

Tracey Morrell, Time to Move Removals

Tracey is fantastic to work with. I have tried a few people in my hometown of Darwin to no joy. I have found Tracey to be very professional and no bullshit straight up front. With Tracey’s ideas my business has started to show improvements. And at the end of the day that is what counts. I could not recommend Tracey any higher.

Craig Curby, Curby's NT

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tracey to create a book cover. The production process was painless; Tracey was communicative, creative, and the end result was beautiful. A real talent.

Jacquie Underdown, Author
tonic for the soul by Misfit Branding

Absolutely five star quality and service. I couldn’t think of another designer I’d like to work with!

Sharna Luscombe, Tonic for the Soul

I couldn’t ask for a more professional, easy to deal with designer! On time, on budget and always prepared to work with my requirements! Super lucky to have Trace helping me!

Alanna Walding, Women in Safety
Electro Fire Technologies by Misfit Branding

Very happy with the work Tracey has done for us, exactly what we wanted and very fast results.

Jenean Mitchell, Electro Fire Technologies