Shit happens

So I had this optimistic, go get ’em attitude for 2019. I’m pretty sure I do that every new year. This year started off ok but when I’m due back at work the shit hits the fan. Dynamic of the house has changed. Hubby is local more. Kaitlyn is starting senior school. Lucius starts prep and Maximus starts daycare. I was all prepped and ready to go. Super keen, lunch for hubby and Maximus made the night before keen! Then it all turned to shit….


It all started with Maximus

Putting Maximus to bed the night before. Read books. Did the big kiss little kiss, big hug little hug ritual. Said goodnight to everyone. Almost ready for bed. Then he stood on the edge of a plastic storage/toy box and his foot slipped. His Big toe jammed under the lip of the box. He screamed the house down. It looked nasty! Poor little man. Next morning he’s limping around the house. Anyone that has met Maximus knows he’s a tough nut. Not much bothers him. So then I see my working day slipping away from me as I realise I’ll have all kids home with me. I know that sounds self-centred but my job is vital to our families finances. If I don’t work I don’t get paid…we don’t pay bills. You know the story. It also means I’ll be burning the midnight oil trying to catch up from the hours lost. I was ok with it then I walked outside to feed the horses….

Pony’s turn

I’ve got horses. Well, one horse and one pony. Pony is only young and does dumb shit as all young things do. This took my breath away and not in a good way. He cut the back end of his hoof almost completely off. He was limping around but not concerned. More worried about when he got breakfast. So I had to wake Kaitlyn up to help me with the repairs. She’s not 100% confident with the horses but is safe and had to hold his lead rope while I inspected the damage. One look and she went pale, poor girl! I’m used to seeing horrific injuries. They don’t phase me anymore.
When I got a closer look I was happy to see it had missed all major arteries. It will take a long time but he’ll be ok. I spent a good hour soaking, cleaning, scrubbing and bandaging it up. He’s all good and healing well.

Harry, Hermione & Ron

For Christmas, the kids got kids…like we got 3 x baby goats. Being the huge Harry Potter fans that we are, the kids named them Harry, Hermione and Ron. These goats are super cute and the kids love them. Out playing with them, feeding, brushing you name it. We all fell in love with Ron. He was quieter than the other two. Never ran away and always walked up to us. He was the bigger of the 3. If you wanted to pat him he stood there. Then one day he seemed quieter than normal and slept a lot. When we went to check on him he passed away. It was devastating! We found out later that baby goats are very susceptible to parasites. Although they are all wormed, that seemed to be the cause of his death.

What now?

Time to get on with it. I’ve learnt to roll with the punches over the years. I’m making 1 new years resolution: NO MORE NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. I felt like I’d put so much pressure on myself for 2019 to be ‘The Year’. Then when things turned to shit I felt myself feeling disappointed. Seems silly now looking back. And what the fuck is this new year thing anyway? I’m celebrating the fact I made it through another year. Had some ups and downs but made it. Had fun, kicked goals and loved life, even the shitty parts. I’ve enjoyed watching my kids grow and learn on the daily. I love all my animals and feel blessed I have them in my life. Along with my family of course 🙂

Shit Happens

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