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Hello fellow misfits. I’m sharing my social media cheats for business. I’l give you insight on what I do, along with the software/apps I use. I like to be a month in advance of my social media. I am absolutely nowhere fucking near that, because I’m way behind in everything ATM. But I use it for myself. I use it for my clients, and I’ve seen a lot of posts around what social media platforms to use lately. So I thought I’d share with you what and how I do it. For those of you who couldn’t be fucked reading, watch my YouTube clip. For those of you that are hearing impaired or love to read, see below.


You will need a social media strategy or plan before starting. It helps you target your marketing. Once you’ve got a plan, start breaking it down into posts.
I sort everything out in a spreadsheet first. I use Google sheets, which if you have gmail for business. Or the free plan. You will have access to it. Break it down into Day, date, time, content and any other info going with the post. Including links, and the handle of any social media channel you want to mention. Remember the handle may not be the same for all channels.  You may have to do some research. 


I use Buffer to schedule all my pre created posts. Perfect for small/medium business or a one-man bands and sole traders. I pay around $10 per month with the Buffer plan I’m on. It allows me to have up to 10 channels. I’ve got Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and way too fucking many. BUT I also volunteer to manage posts for the Springwood Pumas and other groups.
It’s a good way of getting your posts out there and getting the message across. Don’t fully rely on Buffer to do all your work for you. You still need to add constant onsite/live updates during the day/week. So I use Buffer to share my blogs, put in place my social meida plan and maintain constant messaging. I still upload day to day things or live videos. This shows I’m current and not just regurgitating information.
In the YouTube clip I go into how to add posts. If you’re keen to try Buffer, there is a free plan. You can play around yourself. Or check out the many training and support blogs with Buffer.


Buffer also allows basic analytics on how a post went. How many impressions, engagement and more. It really depends on what plan you choose to how much information they share. Think of it as a social media dashboard for all your socials. You can also get most of these details direct from your social media channels.
Buffer is great if you are trying to manage more than one. If you are just using Facebook, they have launched a creator studio. You can pre-create and schedule posts with it. And its free.

All the tools

Here is a list to all the tools I use:

Nery AF terminology

Social media strategy is a plan you or you and your marketing person come up with to best market your business.

Social media channel is the platform you use like Facebook or Instagram.

Handle is the username for your’s or other companies. So mine is @misfitbranding for all my social media channels.

Analytics is the data surrounding your posts. To see how they went. Did they get any engagement and so forth. Essential to know the return on investment.

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I’m a passionate, dedicated designer and I promise to Eat, sleep, design, repeat until your project is finished.

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