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Most of us have Facebook at the very least for our business. You might have Instagram as well or be a die-hard Twitter fan. You might be a social media junkie and be on all channels. If you are at a point of social media fatigue and have NFI what to do, I can help. Reach out via my web or Messenger and let’s start a conversation around your business requirements.

Have you ever wondered how many people in Australia use social media? The results might shock you. Can you really afford not to get your business on there?

Facebook 17 430 000
Instagram 9 709 000
Linkedin 11 310 000

social media creation and management

Get noticed

This is for the busy business owner that knows the importance of social media but is time-poor. You still want to reply to clients’ comments and messages and manage your page but you want someone to make the social media strategy, design custom graphics and schedule those babies!
+ Social media strategy
+ 15 posts a month
+ Copywriting
+ Hashtag research and strategy
+ Scheduling
+ One competition or promotion per month
+ Google doc to show your plan for the month
+ Supply all images for you to download and keep
+ Billed monthly, cancel anytime

Shut up and take my socials

You don’t have time to deal with this whole social media thing. You know it’s important but wanna leave it to the experts. Your not interested in likes, comments and answering messages. But you are interested it gaining clients through carefully structured social media planning.

+ Social media branding (Make sure you profile is shit hot and on brand)
+ Social Media strategy
+ 20 posts a month<
+ Copywriting
+ Hashtag research and strategy
+ One competition or promotion per month
+ Google doc to show your plan for the month
+ Supply all images for you to download and keep
+ Set up auto-responders
+ Full report on your socials each month
+ Facebook ad set up (you control cost and budget)
+ Full management (answering questions, comments and engaging)
+ Billed monthly, cancel anytime


Free branded social media graphic

I’m a visual communicator and I’m damn good at it too! Yep so unAustralian to blow your own horn, but fuck it! Design is my life! I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now. So to help your business I am giving away custom-designed, social media graphic. It’s a graphic that will help get your message out to your customers, using your authentic self and not some generic shit you pinched from Google images. Yeah I know I’m sweary and blunt AF, but I don’t have time for the fluff!

Wanna know what you get? A fully custom, branded graphic to use on your chosen social media platform in 2 sizes. So you can use it in more than one place. I’m talkin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (yes people still use twitter) LinkedIn, TikTok or whatever else you use. You can use it for Insta or Facebook stories as well. This social media graphic can be used to:
+ Tell your clients you’re still trading as normal or with changes
+ You’re closing for a short time or permanently
+ A special or deal you have
+ A service you offer
+ A way you can help others
+ Tips on how to survive in self-isolation
+ Make a funny meme….Which is my personal favourite!

I will need details from you like email address and social media accounts. I will follow your social media with my business account and add your email address to my subscriber list. You will receive juicy social media tips whenever I send out my emails. Which is probably once a month if that. You can always unsubscribe.


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