Top 3 reasons you don’t have business branding

This month I sent out polls on Facebook. Not only on my own Facebook page, in various Facebook groups as well. I asked them about 5 questions. I’m conscious of everybody’s time. So I made it short and to the point. The pole wasn’t successful and some groups but in others it was. What I found out was the top 3 reasons people don’t have Branding for their business:

  1. Time 
  2. Budget
  3. No fucking idea where to start

I get it those three top reasons could probably be applied to most areas of your business. I know they can in mine! Especially when it comes to adult stuff like accounts. I want to go through the 3 reasons and offer solutions and advice to get your brand off the ground:

No time!

Story my fucken life! This is where branding agencies like myself or freelancers can help you out. You’re still going to have to make time though to get your brand elements down. Chat to someone about your brand and get it started. The best way to start is to ask around. Ask your peers, local business groups or plain old google.
I’ve found the best search terms for local branding agencies is:
  • Business branding near me
  • Local business branding
Or for industry-specific agencies is:
  • Business branding packages for [insert your industry here]
  • Business branding for [insert your industry here]
What industry you are in or what vibe you are after will determine who you choose to work with. This is super important! If you are a tradie, have a service-based business or are a veteran, you are best paired with someone like me. I understand your industry/service. I would suit your business more than an agency that works for some woo woo industry.
I would pick who you like over what you can afford. Because it’s an investment in your business. In the long run and a lot of agencies will offer payment plans or 50% upfront and the rest on completion.
Once you found who you want to work with, reach out have a chat to them find out if you’re going to be a good fit. Find out their rates, ask to see previous projects. Speak to their previous or existing clients if you like. No doubt have a process where they will gather information from you start the branding process.
Seriously once you’ve done that you can pretty much kick back and relax. They’re going to start going to work creating something pretty cool. You will have all the assets you need your business in no time! Boom Boom


I get it! BUT branding is a tax-deductable investment into your business! Did you think of it like that? I see it as necessary as having the internet or mobile phone. Now I know there will be some sole-traders going Nah mate, I don’t need it, but you will be surprised. 

How many times have you seen your competition driving around in a well-branded ute, with a great polo or business shirt and matching website? If their business stands out, and branding is consistent they will be remembered. 

If you blend in you will remain unnoticed. I’m sure you get some work from word of mouth as I do which is great, but if you want to go further you need to start investing in your business brand. You can start to DIY until you can get a professional on board.

Here is a great little DIY form to get you started:

Branding Checklist

NF idea where to start

Start now! Download my checklist and get started. Seriously it is that easy! You’re not tied to me, you can look for other agencies or freelancers to work with if you like. My guide is to help get you started.
I offer two different branding packages. Head to my branding page to see if you would like either of them. I also bundle services like logo + branding or logo + branding + website and more. Just download my price list to see what services may help your business.
Branding Checklist

Want to work with me?

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