Type matters

A fellow designer tagged me in memes on fonts last month. I have done some in the past but I thought I’d add a few more. I love a good meme and I wanted to create some that helped to educate anyone that is into ensuring their brand is shit hot.

I’d like to tell you why type matters. Yeah I know it sounds as boring AF. But I’ll make it as funny as possible. You may also be wondering why there is an angry swan in my header. Well, the truth is I love swans but they don’t love me. I’ve been attacked more times than I care to remember which is hilarious to onlookers to see a fat girl running like fuck with a cranky ass swan in hot pursuit. Hence the horror-themed title type. It makes sense to me to use that font because I understand the context behind it. But I did have to explain it to you in more than 3 sentences why I used that type. Sooo you might wanna rethink some of your type choices.

I will be expressing my love for Type Matters a series of memes and short videos…

WTF is Kerning

Kerning is a nerdy term used by designers, typographers and the like. I could go into enormous detail but who’s got time for that? Kerning is basically the spacing between letters…yes it’s worthy of its own word. You will see in my blog how important kerning is and how fucked up your job can be if you’re not paying attention.

What? I was typing Clint… not the ‘C’ word!

Type choice

There are a gazillion different typefaces out there. Some are awesome and some, like comic sans, should never be used. Have you ever considered how the wrong font choice could change the entire message you are trying to convey?
See the design on the right. It’s a lovely elegant design for a ‘Special Aunt’. At first glance it looks more like a Special C…. well you get the idea.
What about Happy Valentines Day? It’s supposed to be a day filled with love, but use a horror-themed font and it all seems very ‘I know what you did last summer’.
Then there is click here, which clearly looks like Dick here….
And my all-time favourite Gumballs, oh how I love Gumballs….
Type matters special aunt
Type Matters happy valentines day
Type matters meme
Type matters

Type rules


  • Choose a type that suits the purpose. Like a nice Handwritten font for Bespoke branding.
  • Make sure the type is legible. You might love it but can others read it?
  • Mix and match with a type that compliments each other. Stick to 2-3 fonts total.
  • Use type from the same family. Like Helvetica bold, regular and italic.
  • Use colour contrast.


  • Squash or stretch a font. Every time you do that a designer dies…well not really but they’ll cry.
  • Don’t make typography fight for it’s right to be read…Establish a visual hierarchy.
  • Use more than 4 fonts per design – keep it simple.
  • Fill up every area with type. White space is important.


Typography is the visual component of the written word. According to Wikipedia The word “typography” in English comes from the Greek roots τύπος typos = “impression” and -γραφία -graphia = “writing”. I have no idea if that’s true but it sounds good to me.

Before computer-aided design and printing happened, Typography was an art form in its own right. Developed in the world of paper printing like newspapers and magazines. Three aspects of typography are legibility, readability, and aesthetics.

To learn about type, check out my article on Typography.

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