Win!!! Misfit Earrings

I’m giving away some super sweet Misfit button earrings just in time for Christmas. To enter, you need to like my Facebook or Instagram page, the post and tell me what was the weirdest Christmas present you ever received. This should be funny AF!

Winner is seriously chosen by Dexter O’Brien at random, because he’s a parrot. He is currently in training to pick a winner after his last failed attempt.

Competition ends at lunchtime on Friday the 20th of December with the winner notified via social media.

WIN Misfit Earrings

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I’m a little bit sweary…well a lot actually. I know it’s not ladylike and frankly, I don’t give a shit. I never beat around the bush (Aussie for cutting the crap). I’m a strong believer in telling it how it is. I promise to supply ballsy branding and killer digital design that kicks ass. I will be upfront, realistic, and focused. I do have OCD so you know I pay attention to details. I will always offer the best advice and course of action to suit your projects needs.

I’m a passionate, dedicated designer and I promise to Eat, sleep, design, repeat until your project is finished.

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