Do you play well with others?

It’s OK if you don’t. I get it. But if we are going to work well together we may as well get it sorted out now. The one thing all my clients have in common is they are not afraid to stand out. If you consider yourself a Misfit, Rebel or Game Changer, I’m your designer. 
To work well together you will need to: 
+ Be upfront and honest
+ Committed to making your brand happen
+ Understand that not all ideas are awesome and accept honest feedback
+ Not ask every Tom, Dick and Harry if they like your designs…I design for you, not everyone else
+ Appreciate solid analysis, smart strategy, and killer execution
+ Know good design takes time and strategy is king
+ Have a wicked sense of humour…or at least like a laugh
+ Bonus points for critter lovers

What to expect from me

I never beat around the bush (Aussie for cutting the crap). I’m a strong believer in telling it how it is. I promise to supply ballsy branding and killer digital design that kicks ass. I will be upfront, realistic, and focused. I do have OCD so you know I pay attention to details. I will always offer the best advice and course of action to suit your projects needs.

I’m a passionate, dedicated designer and I promise to Eat, sleep, design, repeat until your project is finished.

My clients are all over Australia

Misfit clients all over Australia
Tracey OBrien Work with me

About me

I’m a little bit sweary…well a lot actually. I know it’s not ladylike and frankly, I don’t give a shit. I live a ridiculously busy life in South East Queensland near Jimboomba. We have chickens, turkies, geese, horses and I can go on but I won’t. Aside from them I also have 3 children that drive me crazy most of the time. They are busy, independent thinkers that keep my hands full. I love them dearly.

Being creative is not just something I do for work, I have to do it. I always have.

I love critters of all shapes and sizes. It’s a complete fascination that I’m lucky to share with my eldest child. I’m particularly fond of horses, birds and just adore frogs. I’ve wrangled a few snakes and goannas in my day and also love interesting bugs. We did have a centipede called princess living with us for a while.

I am a rule-breaking, non-conformist, opinionated tomboy. I have been called much worse. My skin is thick and I take no crap…apart from my super bossy youngest. Parenting is hard work!

My assistant is an Alexandrine called Dexter and Crimson Bellied Conure Called Raven aka baby jerk face. They are great at shredding paper and shit at making coffee.

Still reading?

If you’re still reading and have a sly grin on your face or even a giggle, then it’s meant to be. Take your time going through my services and make sure to download my price list. I’m willing to customize my packages to suit your needs. I do not negotiate my prices but I do have payment plans for the budget conscious. You are paying for my skills, experience and strategic thinking. I also have a shitload of animals that need feeding and children, so there’s that too.

Let’s chat

What my clients say

designed by Misfit Branding

Loved working with Tracey for the design and installation for our vehicle signage. We had an idea and a budget, and she made it happen!
It was such a quick process from start to finish and the product was delivered exactly as ordered. We strongly recommend her work and will definitely use her in the future.

Tracey Morrell, Time to Move Removals

Tracey is fantastic to work with. I have tried a few people in my hometown of Darwin to no joy. I have found Tracey to be very professional and no bullshit straight up front. With Tracey’s ideas my business has started to show improvements. And at the end of the day that is what counts. I could not recommend Tracey any higher.

Craig Curby, Curby's NT

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tracey to create a book cover. The production process was painless; Tracey was communicative, creative, and the end result was beautiful. A real talent.

Jacquie Underdown, Author
tonic for the soul by Misfit Branding

Absolutely five star quality and service. I couldn’t think of another designer I’d like to work with!

Sharna Luscombe, Tonic for the Soul

I couldn’t ask for a more professional, easy to deal with designer! On time, on budget and always prepared to work with my requirements! Super lucky to have Trace helping me!

Alanna Walding, Women in Safety
Electro Fire Technologies by Misfit Branding

Very happy with the work Tracey has done for us, exactly what we wanted and very fast results.

Jenean Mitchell, Electro Fire Technologies