Tips for Running a Business from Home with Kids Around

This depends on a million things, which we can't cover but we will do our best to give you a general idea. We have also written this assuming it's just you. Either you don't have a partner or they work during the day or are entirely useless at anything involving domestic chores and child-rearing. If you have access to childcare, vacation care, or a family member or neighbour to help, 100% do that first. Because the harsh reality is you will burn yourself out trying to do it all!

Being a business owner while caring for kids at home is fucking hard. Your minions demand attention and time when you have important tasks that require your immediate attention. You go from design queen to snack bitch. Many parents who work from home often feel overwhelmed and frustrated because they struggle to balance work commitments, chores, and childcare responsibilities. I mean who doesn't? The good news is, it's entirely possible to run your business from home. Just not like it looks in the movies. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you run your business successfully with kids around.

Set realistic expectations

If there was only one rule, this is it! It's not possible to devote your entire time to work even during office hours. As a parent, you must juggle multiple roles- a caregiver, teacher, and entrepreneur. It would be best to acknowledge that your productivity levels might take a hit when you are with your kids. Set realistic goals and timelines. When your kids are most chilled, get blocks of work done. For babies and young kids that's normally nap time. From primary school kids, its whenever they are most tired and relaxed. Early morning and late arvo for example.

Prioritize your schedules

Running your business while caring for your kids requires careful planning and organization. Scheduling your work and other commitments can help you stay focused and productive. Create a routine that suits your and your family's needs and prioritize your tasks and goals accordingly. Use a planner, calendar, or an online tool to help you keep track of your work and life activities. Be flexible though.

Shit happens

Despite your best efforts and planning, things can go wrong. Kids often fall sick or have emergencies that require your attention. It's essential to have a contingency plan in place to deal with such situations...says the single man that's never looked after a kid in his life. Our plan is there is no plan. Shit happens. Just roll with it. Sometimes I have to walk away from he computer to take one of the minions to the hospital for a playground stunt that failed.

Take breaks and practice self-care

Running your business from home with kids around is physically and mentally exhausting. Apart from attending to your work and family, it's crucial to practice self-care. Take short breaks and engage in activities that you enjoy, such as reading, exercising, or spending time with friends. Set boundaries and don't overwork, as it can lead to burnout. Practice self-compassion and be kind to yourself.


Take time out for you! Just you! Take a long bath, read a book, go to the gym, eat chocolate and watch Netflix. Whatever works.

When we have our shit together

This means there is food in the fridge, pre-made snacks, everyone has taken their medication and no one is in hospital, injured or starting their own death camp. To give you some context, we live on a large property and my minions are 15 months apart in age and both have ADHD.

Our Daily routine looks like this:

5.00am Wake up, walk the dogs and feed the animals and chores
6.30amKids watch TV, puppy is still napping and I read my book
7.00amWork starts for me and the parrot. Kids have a choice of devices, outside time or TV and puppy tags along.
10.00amWe all have morning tea together
10.30amBack to work. Kids have a choice of devices, outside time or TV and puppy tags along and parrot has ditched me for the kids.
12 noonLunchtime! Lunch and a movie or TV show with the kids, puppy and parrot.
2.00pmBack to work. Kids have a choice of devices, outside time or TV. Parrot and puppy hang with them.
4.00pmWork is done. Kids off devices and outside. Feeding animals and messing around outside.
6.00pmDinner, TV show and chill.
8.00pmBack to work if needed, if not Netflix and a cuppa.

When we don't have our shit together

Probably haven't done a grocery shop, minions had a shitty sleep and woke at 4. Its rough starting your day like this so you can forget a lot of shit. Mainly medication...

Our Daily routine looks like this:

4.00amWake up to the sounds of screaming and both boys performing in their version of redneck WWE.
6.00amMake one child feed the animals with me while the other eats one complains and the other just watches TV until I get back.
6.30amOne kid has eaten the entire contents of the fridge, the other refuses to eat. The parrot is out of his cage and snacking on the HDMI cable.
7.00amFirst coffee for the day. WWE continues. Find mystery puppy poop in the kids room.
10.00amGet to work, kick kids outside along with puppy.
10.30amStop work because of the blood-curdling screams in the backyard. One of the kids has made a dirt hole and is trying to bury the other one. Split up the fight and give them snacks. Find puppy chasing the chooks. Bring her inside.
12 noonRealise I have forgotten medication and it's too late now. Listen to all the bitching about how they want McDonalds for lunch and the 2 min noodles they have is just not going to cut it. One kid is still refusing to eat, the other one eats both lunches with assistance from the parrot and puppy.
2.00pmBack to work. Find a stash of chip packets in kids' room who is always refusing to eat... Kids are sent outside again. With the puppy.
4.00pmPanic because it's quiet. Go find the kids. They are up to dodgy shit behind the shed. Make them come with me to feed everything. One of them is chased by the turkey. Always entertaining. Puppy was in a box which apparently is a 'home base'
6.00pmDinner and bed...seriously they eat dinner and go to bed. I am DONE
8.00pmEat chocolate, watch TV and contemplate my life. Puppy curls up on my boobs. Best sleeping spot.

Keeping it real

With these tips, managing your business and childcare responsibilities can work, but it's okay if it goes to shit. Remember, it's okay to ask for help or take a break from work when you need it. Your family will benefit in the long run when you maintain a healthy work-family balance. Being a parent and an entrepreneur is a juggling act, but with a little bit of planning, self-discipline, you can give it a red hot go!

No One Cares About Your Brand (But You)

Why Your Business Needs to Step Up

Does this sound familiar: You launch a new product, service, or business and you can't wait to share it with everyone. You publish it, you post it, you tweet it, and you expect the world to stop and take notice. But no one seems to care. No likes, no shares, no sales. So what's going wrong? The answer is simple: no one cares about your brand. At least, not until you give them a reason to...

The Harsh Reality: Nobody Cares About Your Brand

The harsh truth is, your brand is just a tiny drop in the ocean of all the other brands. All fighting for your customers' attention. Your customers have their interests and priorities. If they don’t find any value in your offering, they just move on to the next shiny object. Even Apple Inc started from somewhere. Building their brand awareness carefully and deliberately on various channels.

They Care About Themselves

Customers don't care about your brand as much as they care about themselves. You may have great products or services, all of its features might be devised to perfection, but what problem does it help the customer solve or what does it possibly add to their life? This is the real issue you need to address. Think about how your business offering aligns with customer needs, devise and design to build a value proposition, and communicate this value to your target audience.

It Takes a Village

It's not enough to just create your brand and expect people to flood in without dedicated eyes that consistently enforce that brand awareness to the audience. It's always necessary to create brand awareness on multiple channels. Creating a personality or tone of voice for your brand can help. Engage with your audience continually, have a strong social media presence, and grow a community around your brand that understands and has affinity for what your business stands for.

The Importance of a Strong Brand Image

The way your brand is presented is crucial and can make all the difference in making a long-lasting impression on customers. With a carefully designed and developed branding strategy, a brand image can inspire confidence and loyalty in customers to your business. Invest time and effort into building a strong brand identity that's easy to recognise, memorable, and distinct from your competitors.

Find Purpose For Your Brand

Let's face it. People are attracted to brands that share the same core values as they do, are positively perceived for certain causes, have online presence, or genuinely make them feel like they have made a good choice with their purchase. Therefore, having a brand purpose that aligns with your target audience is an important step in building a positive brand image. Find a way to contribute positively to society in a way that benefits your target audience, and they will remember and support you for it.

No one cares about your brand, but that doesn't mean they never will. The key is to take active steps to create a distinctive image for your brand that is relevant and adds value in the mind of your target audience. By creating a brand personality, engaging with customers, and being purposeful, you can build trust and loyalty from customers who will become advocates for your brand. Don’t just focus on building customers, usually, it’s about starting with a strong branding strategy. Remember to be patient as results don’t show overnight. In doing so, your business will soon stand out while the competitors fade into the background.

Australia Day

Yesterday was Australia Day. Normally celebrated with pride by the majority of the nation. You would see the Aussie flag flying free in suburban streets.

But times have changed.

Many of our indigenous brothers and sisters call it a day of mourning. Not a day of celebration. Very few Australia Day posts yesterday on social media. More about the protests and 'paying rent'. (Look it up if you're not sure what I'm on about).

Gen X

As a child I was taught it was to celebrate all that is great about our country. The freedom, beaches, country, food, and diverse wildlife. Then as I got older it was all about Triple J's hottest 100, drinking and backyard cricket. You would spend the day with your mates drinking and eating adorned in the Aussie flag. Carefree and fun no matter what your race or origin. Aboriginal, Islander, immigrant, it didn't matter. Around this time I was living in Townsville in North Queensland, where Aussie pride is strong.

Living in Brissy now and in my early 40s with no idea what to do. Don't want to upset my indigenous friends. Respecting and acknowledging our past. I also want to celebrate the amazing country we live in. We are a multicultural nation. That in itself is amazing.

Our day

Australia day for my family was spent quietly at home. Swimming in the pool and a BBQ with our neighbours. It was getting all together. Having a quiet drink and a laugh. Socialising, is something we don't often get time to do.

Change the date

There is a call to change the date of Australia Day, which in most polls, Aussies are happy to do so, me included. The trick will be to find the right one that is inclusive for all. Not just white Australia or indigenous. A date that celebrates our multiculturalism where hopefully we can all hang out and celebrate in full swing with no prejudice.