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Or anywhere in Australia really! We're going to give it to you straight, our logo design isn't for everybody. Our logos are bold, minimal and timeless


Logo Designs

Misfit Branding offers professional logo design services for rebellious brands. Our minimalist and modern designs provide a bold and innovative look that will make your brand stand out. 

Our experienced team of designers can create a logo that is unique and reflects your brand's identity. We specialize in creating logos that will make a statement and create a lasting impression.

Cheap and nasty isn't our thing so if you're looking that, scroll on my friend! 2o years of experience knowing how versatile your logo needs to be. From a tiny avatar on social media to a massive billboard on the Bruce Highway. We are located in Brisbane, but design for companied all over Australia.

Who we design logos for

We don't design logos for every Tom, Dick and Harry. So let's get real to see if we will work well together. Working with small to medium sized companies in Brisbane or all over Australia. 

To work with us you need to be:
Clear with your vision
Upfront and honest about feedback
Understand this logo is for you and your company, not posted on some random Facebook group for Karen's comments

We don't work for:
Micro businesses
Industries that go against our values
People that don't have a sense of humour

what you get 

Firstly if you CBF reading, scroll to the video below.

Aside from a custom hand-crafted logo, you can use it anywhere.
We provide you with every file you will ever need to have your logo placed anywhere! We research your industry, and top competitors and I make sure your logo stands out. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? We also get to know you, and what you love and hate. We build a picture of the perfect logo for you.

Once the logo is approved, we create:

Standard logo
Avatar or icon version
Stacked and horizontal versions
Reverse logo colours
Branding guide with colour codes
Logo rules with placement
All wrapped up in a beautiful PDF for you to share with your
signwriter, web designer, printer or any other supplier
that needs your logo to create a product for your brand.

Your investment in Logo Design

We're not going to lie, there are a lot of hours that go into logo design:

+ Researching your industry
+ Looking at your top 3 competitors
+ Using our creative talent and industry insights to create something amazing
+ Packaging all the file types
+ Creating your logo guide

It's not something we smash out in a day. In fact, logo design can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on your clarity and feedback.

If you have made it this far you are either interested in working with us or just wanna see the bottom dollar. Totally get that, we all have budgets.

Total logo design cost $5000 + GST

If that price didn't scare you, hit the button below and lets get your logo underway. If you choked on your coffee, we do have payment plans or some other options that may suit you. Just keep scrolling.


If you choked on your coffee

If you think our price is way too high, that's ok. We understand budgets and different stages of business. Or even size, as we mentioned above, the micro businesses probably don't need a custom logo, they can DIY.

There are other options you can try:
+ Reach out to a junior designer
+ Try logo making app
+ Try Canva

Please be aware that the last 2 options don't always give you custom unique logos, they are off-the-shelf stuff so don't be surprised if it looks the same as some other businesses getting around. 

Why would we share this info?
Did we say we were a little different form the rest? Pretty sure we mentioned it somewhere...Our goal is to help Australian businesses get the amazing logo they want. Sometimes that doesn't align with budgets and we get that.

our work 

We can talk to the cows come home. Lets  just show you what we have 
created instead of banging on about it.

Keen to get started on your next project?

Not sure where to start or what help you need with your website or branding? Or are you all over it like white on rice and can't wait to tell us about it? 

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