Logo Package Express

Logo Package Express

Spend your time creating logos, not exporting them

For logo designers

If you are a logo designer and want to purchase this plugin for Adobe Illustrator, you will need to have Logo Package Express requires Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or higher. PC or MAC versions.


For logo files

If you are a company with a logo and need your logo converted, we can do that for you! Or if you are a logo designer that doesn't want to purchase the plugin, we can help. Hit the button below.


File types you need for your logo

For Print

Print files are different to web files and these are used for printing onto anything really. Which includes merchandise, signage and stationery. 

You should have either of these file types:
For Web

Web files are used for anything that will be on the web. Social media avatars, websites, and any digital profile. If you need your logo to have a transparent background, you need png files.

You should have either of these file types:
+ PNG (most common, can have white or transparent background)
+ SVG 

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