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Lets get all the details to make sure new Shopify site is working exactly how you want it to.
Shopify Store Details

Plan and Billing

Select what plan. We will need a credit or debit card once you have selected a plan. This only activates when you are happy with the design and functionality of your store.




Billing is where the money will be sent, so we need your account details.

Users and permissions

Who will be boss of the store? It can be more than one person and you can have different levels of permission. Depending on your plan, you can be limited to 3 users.

Shipping and delivery


Fill this out for each product and save. If one of your products has variations like size, weight, colour, material, then just add the product once and there is room for the variations as well.
Shopify Products

Your product title and description

Your product title is more than just a name—it’s your first handshake with potential customers, and it plays a crucial role in your SEO. In the world of search engines, your title can either make you a superstar or leave you lost in the crowd.

So, here's a golden nugget of advice: KISS—Keep It Simple and Specific. Avoid cluttering your title with unnecessary details like colours or sizes. Focus instead on core descriptors that clearly communicate what your product is. Not only does this boost your searchability, but it also makes your product effortlessly discoverable to those who are looking for exactly what you offer.



When it comes to understanding your product inside and out, details are everything. So, let’s dive in and get all the juicy specifics you need to wow your customers and boost your sales.

This is your chance to shine and show how your product solves problems or makes life easier for your customers.

Not feeling like a wordsmith today? No worries, just jot down the essentials:

  • Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colours: Red, Blue, Green
  • Key Features: Lightweight, Durable, User-friendly
  • Uses: Ideal for home, office, travel
  • What its made from

We’ll take those points and turn them into a masterpiece that’s as engaging as it is informative. Your product deserves the spotlight, and we’re here to make sure it gets it.


Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of adding pricing to your product. First off, it's super straightforward. Just pop in the price you want to charge for your product. But hang on, there's more! You have the option to track your profits too. How, you ask? By adding the cost price. This little trick lets you see exactly how much you're making on each sale. It's totally up to you, but why not give yourself that extra insight? After all, knowledge is power—and in this case, profit.


We need you to be specific here. How much does your product weigh?


If your product has variations, here is where you add those details. Variations can be colour, size, weight, style or material.

Option values is where the value of your variant goes. Lets select T-shirts for example, your value might be colour. In option value, you list all the colours re, yellow green blue. Thern you might also have size as a variant. You would start a new line and add all the sizes (Small, Medium, Large)


If you stock the item, then this is where you put the amount of stock on hand. Super handy if you have long lead times when ordering more. You also have the option of continue selling when you are out of stock. Great if you make the product on demand. This section is totally optional. Leave blank if you are unsure or don't want use this feature.


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