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About Misfit Branding

We are a brand first digital agency and a little 
bit different...

We've been misfits since, forever and we are here for a reason. Without us and a few other game changing persona's, we'd all be living in George Orwells 1984

Misfit Branding about us, trade mutt

We're a little bit sweary…

Well a lot actually. We know it’s not the norm for Digital Agencies and we don’t give a shit! Unlike some other well known agencies, we tell it how it is. No sugar coating BS here. We don't use web lingo you don't understand or make you feel dumb if you don't know what an API is. We don't expect our clients to know anything about web design. Thats our job and that's why you're here reading about us.

You want to know if we are the ones for your business. You want to make sure we are not another flakey web design agency. We can assure you we are a authentic AF! Just check out our socials, you will see all the shenanigans and amazing work we do.

Our founder

Tracey O'Brien is a digital designer with over 20 years in the professional communication and branding industries for both Government and Private sectors. She started her creative journey as an apprentice signwriter. Learning her trade in Townsville, North Queensland. Wanting to take her visual communication skills further she completed a degree in Professional Communication which covered web design, ux, social media, PR and creative writing.

Misfit Branding Tracey O'Brien
About Misfit Branding

Our Studio

Our studio is located on Tracey's property in Munruben Queensland. She loves her critters. We're surrounded by them! If you love animals as much as she does, then you are the client for us!

You know how we said we are straight shooters? We will let you in on a little secret. Our studio is being built. So we are currently working out of a home office.

What Steve Jobs did it! Why can't we? What that means for you is we aren't having meetings in our studio yet. We will come to you or if you aren't close we can chat via phone, zoom or facetime.

Our Values

We are dependable and reliable designers dedicated to delivering your project.

We are honest about our skills and advice to best work for your brand.

Our freedom allows us to think outside the box.

We are loyal to your brand and its best interests

We use innovation to continuously improve.

We believe in our skill set and creativity to offer your brand the very best in innovation.

We pay attention to details.

Working hard to deliver your projects.

We approach all of our projects with equality, respecting the past and moving into a more inclusive future.

We listen.

Giving back

We are firm believers in giving back to the community. 
We volunteer our time and skills in digital design and strategy to help these organizations
Wandering Warriors
Tracey O’Brien is the band manager for Wandering Warriors. She has worked for them since the charity started in 2012. Building their brand to what it is today.
AFL springwood pumas
We continue to support the Pumas with, Mailchimp campaigns, social media graphics, website maintenance, and print media. Happy to assist in any digital capacity.
Brothers Mustangs Rugbly League Club Logan Village
We are currently building them a brand new website! Also assist with signage design and managing their Google business profile. Both Tracey's sons play for the team.
North saint Joseph's nrl
We are currently building them a brand new website! Also assist with signage design, managing their Google business profile, print design and consulting. 

Does your club or organisation need our help?

We love to help small grassroots clubs, organizations, and charities from all over Australia! Instead of paid sponsorship, we provide you with our mad digital skills. Keen to get your club seen online?

Email us with your club name and what you need. We will get back to you with a plan moving forward.


Keen to get started on your next project?

Not sure where to start or what help you need with your website or branding? Or are you all over it like white on rice and can't wait to tell us about it? 

Let's have a chat! Book a free 15min consult with us: