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Logo Design

I love logo design! There’s something special about creating a brand new logo. Fresh from the mac to you!

I’m not going to lie to you, logo design is intense! Its a journey, starting with finding out what you do and don’t like.  Followed by hours of research to find the perfect elements to create your logo.  Then I combine them to create the masterpiece you’ve dreamed of.

Your logo and brand identity is one of the first major investments in your business

You may have noticed my design style is very clean, easy to read with some quirkiness. I love designing for similar minded folk! There’s no point in pretending to be something I’m not. Who wants to be vanilla anyway?

Your logo is being created by someone who gets you. Understanding what you’re trying to say and loves the quirks that go with it. Special bonus to anyone who loves critters as much as I do.

logo design

Crafting minimalistic logos to stand the test of time. Custom made for your business. Truly capturing your vision and turning it into a logo you will be proud to use across digital and print.

Generic logos aren’t my thing. I don’t use ready-made logos or clip art. When I say your logo is custom made, I mean it! We are all competing for a space in the market. In my many years of experience, a unique custom logo will always stand out.

So if you want cheap, nasty, off the shelf shit, this is not the place for you. I work for rebellious brands that value their industry. You’ve gotta be passionate about your business.

You will get all the file types you need and a guide to help you supply the correct logo to get your logo across the web and print:

+ Logo and sub logo in CMYK print-ready files: eps and pdf

+ Logo and sub logo in RGB web files: jpg and png

+ Style guide for your logo and sub logo

+ Logo and sub logo variations

+ Sub logo supplied in social media profile sizes for all of your social media accounts

design process

My design process is old school. Despite loving digital design, all of my logo designs start with pencil and paper. I was told early on in my career that you should never start such an important design on the computer. The reason being, when you open a new artboard in Adobe Illustrator, it already has your font, colour and artboard chosen for you. It’s true to a point.

This saying has always stayed with me. I get what he’s saying but personally, I can wield a pencil like no man’s business. I can easily bang out multiple sketches and ideas until it all starts to take form.

Prior to even hitting the paper, I get to know you. What you want, like, dislike. Not in a weird stalker kinda way…. I’ll also send you my design brief to help pry those ideas out. We’ll talk about colours, shapes, graphics, images and more. Then I pick up the pencil and get to work. You won’t even see these concepts. They are for me to trial ideas prior to building the digital file.

There is a crazy amount of work that goes into a logo design as there should be. This logo will represent the business you are building. It’s one of the first things your clients will notice. I don’t take that responsibility lightly! I will craft a unique logo just for you. No cheapass logos here. Yeah, I know you can have a logo designed for $10 from some online company. If that’s what you’re after, then off you go. I’m not cheap. I don’t pretend to compete with others. I  promise a unique logo that won’t also be sold off to another business. You own it and it’s yours forever.

Let’s create something amazing!