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Website Security and Maintenance

Never worry about your websites safety again

Keep your website up to date and secure with our website security and maintenance 


Wordpress sites need maintenance

Just like your car, Websites need to be maintained. Otherwise you are risking your site breaking or worse! That's why we offer Security and Maintenance for your companies website.

Most business administrative staff are either time poor or lack the skills to maintain your site. Leave it with the professionals knowing it will be safe and secure.

We can customise a package that works for you or you can go for one of our annual or monthly plans. Hit the big 'GIVE IT TO ME" button below to take you there.

Want to know why? 

You either had your website built or DIY your site when you first started your business when you realised the internet wasn’t just a fad. You were proud of it then and you might still be. How much attention have you given it lately? Why should you update your website?


Keen to get started on your next project?

We've put together a price guide for all our services. Yes we need your email before we send it. I'll let you in on a secret....We are building our email database or list building if you're in the know. We can set this up for you too!