2023 Memorial Warrior Cup

January 24, 2023

Last Friday Wandering Warriors held their annual T20 cricket match, Memorial Warrior Cup. The ominous rain clouds disappeared so the game could go on. It was a scorcher of a day at the Allan Border Field. I was getting a sweat up just standing there. Grateful for the shade and breeze at the Captain's Corner. A truly spectacular venue!

Wandering Warriors

Wandering Warriors team were busy setting up, and greeting players, sponsors and guests. My role was setting up event signage and running the socials for the day.

I was grateful to meet so many amazing people. I was also told my blue hair was distracting to some of the guys fielding. I am Switzerland when it comes to what team I go for. I really didn't think it through with bright blue hair! Everyone thought I was going for team East. Next year I'll go half yellow and half blue.

Winners are grinners

For those of you that don't know, I actually love cricket. We grew up playing and watching it on TV. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to stay on top of taking social photos for Facebook and Instagram. The match was great, so close and I was excited West won. They needed the win!

West team SASR
Team west for the win
Tracey O'Brien and Audie Moldre
Tracey O'Brien and Audie Moldre

On a personal note

It was great to meet with fellow long-term volunteer and founder Audie Moldre and Glad. As well as Rod Smallwood and Denise.

I have worked with Audie from the very beginning of the Wandering Warriors and I assure you he is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet!

Wandering Warriors team

Meeting some Wandering Warriors in person for the first time Will Hetherington who organised this years cup. MBA recipients came in for the day to show support.

Behind the scenes we all work via zoom or google chat, dial in, email, Whatsapp you name it. We don't always get to meet in person. So its extra special for me when I do get to meet everyone.

Will Hetherington and MBA recipients
Blue, Tracey O'Brien and the minions!

The cup has always been a family event. I took my two boys along for the day and they loved it! Especially getting to meet Blue or Luke “Blue” Andrews as he is known on Linkedin. The boys watch Blue on TV in the program Hunted, an Australian reality television series. I work with Blue on The Krait Foundation branding and website. It was so good to meet in person!

Last but not least, the speakers at this year's cup were outstanding. Rupert McCall MC’d the post-match gathering. He amazed us all as he recited the poem he created for Q150 (Queensland's 150 birthday celebrations). Last but certainly not least, cricket legend Greg Ritchie gave a talk that had us all in awe and fits of laughter.

Tracey O'Brien Greg Ritchie
Tracey O'Brien and Greg Ritchie

We are all still buzzing and looking forward to next year. Wandering Warriors assist veterans and their families with Education, Employment, Mentoring and Respite. The Memorial Warrior Cup is an annual event get on board to sponsor next years cup! Contact Wandering Warriors to get involved.

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