Before I go onto a long-winded explanation on branding, I want you to know there are 2 branding services I offer:

Brand Manual

A must-have for any company wanting to maintain consistent branding. It will be the first thing you reach for when planning a new event, campaign or ordering new work shirts. It takes the frustration of trying to find what file type you need to supply to your designer, printer, web designer or merchandise maker. If you have a logo, you also need a branding manual! Trust me, it will be the best investment you make.

Brand Identity

This is the visual identity that represents your business. It goes far beyond the humble brand manual. Brand identity ensures consistency across everything that has your business name on it. Your signage, website, social media, email campaigns, uniforms and more is covered in this package. Everything supplied from us is for you to own. No weird caveats

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we all do. You’ve got 5 seconds to make a good and lasting impression.

brand manual

You’ve already got your logo. You need a brand manual to pull all your brand elements together. You want to be able to hand over an easy to understand document to your chosen printer, manufacturer, signwriter, marketing manager or social media manager, and ensure your brand stays on point. Your logo is used correctly and the correct logo is used for each medium. You want your colours, typography and imagery to remain consistent across web and print.


+ Logo and sub logo in CMYK print-ready files: eps and pdf

+ Logo and sub logo in RGB web files:  jpg and png

+ All logo files and brand elements saved in folder system for you to copy direct to your computer

+ Guide for your logo and sub logo to ensure they are used correctly

+ Logo or sub logo supplied in social media profile sizes for all of your social media accounts

+ Typography – up to 2 fonts that can be used across web and print

+ Colours swatches and codes

+ Up to 3 stock images and your own imagery


+ 3 social media graphics for all of your social media platforms

+ Header image for your chosen email campaign software

brand identity

You’ve already got your logo. You are looking at stepping it up and want all your items across web and print branded. We supply consistency to ensure your brand is on point, and your message is loud and clear. It’s fantastic when you start getting brand recognition because your collateral looks impressive!

What you get

+ Brand manual covering colour, typography, imagery and use of logos

+ All logo files and brand elements saved in folder system for you to copy directly to your computer

+ Paper stationery including letterheads, with comps slips, envelopes, and business cards

+ Signage for one building and vehicle

+ A4 flyer or ebook on what your business does

+ Uniforms

+ Email signature and email campaign template for your chosen software

+ Frontpage web design

+ Social media avatars, headers and 3 x posts for each social media platform you use

Wandering Warriors printed designsWandering Warriors Online shop


Files and print-ready files supplied. No printing is supplied unless you require it and it will be at an added cost to the original package.

Web design is for a concept for your front page only. Development and design of the rest of the site is an added cost.

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